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  • Heather Eiler

Owning Your Deeply Rooted WHY

Each and every year, a large majority of the "masses" embark upon new fitness endeavors with very little planning or thought. They make decisions to start exercising more, eating a little healthier, and cutting down on stress, but their true reasons for doing so are often undefined, fuzzy, and frequently superficial.

In this video, I explain why identifying and owning your "WHY" is so very important.

As the video explains, dropping a few pounds, getting healthier, and increasing energy are simply not even close to enough of the WHY. And to be brutally honest, these approaches are almost sure to fail (note: many reports now indicate two out of three people in the US are either overweight or obese; diabetes and hypertension cases are skyrocketing, and the use of anxiety and depression medications are at all-time highs).

Clearly, these half-hearted attempts are ineffective. In order to make a long-standing change, you must first drill down deeply into your pain points to uncover and then OWN your deeply rooted WHY.

And when we talk about the "WHY," we really need to focus in and talk about the tough 'WHYs" in the elephant-in-the-room WHYs...these are WHYs not easy to hear and are rarely discussed - but they are real!

  • Do you no longer feel attractive or do you no longer feel desired by your significant other?

  • Are you embarrassed by your appearance both in clothing and in situations with a little less clothing?

  • Does your personal security feel vulnerable? Where the thought of putting up a fight or the ability to escape a dangerous situation would not be possible.

  • Do you feel weak and lethargic? To the point where getting out of bed each day is a depressive challenge?

  • Does your lack of mobility hinder your daily activities? Where bending, reaching, and turning are absolute painful chores.

  • Have you lost your confidence and resilience? So much so that you navigate your days avoiding life moments with your kids or grandkids in fear of injury or shame.

  • Is your health spiraling downward rapidly, where you're now on medicine to control your third health issue (this time it's cholesterol) that is directly related to your sedentary, gluttonous lifestyle?

And has all this happened in your 30's, 40's, 50's? Where the youth and vitality of your teens and twenties seem so, so long ago.

As can be seen these pain points I've bulleted are not based on vanity alone. Sure most want a body that is lean and strong, is sought after and provides quiet confidence within (and we're not talking about perfectly toned and tanned bikini bodied women, or ripped up, massively muscular men.) I'm unmasking pain points that are tough and often taboo WHYs that simply have to be addressed. No doubt uncovering your deeply rooted WHY can be a painful process, but the effort will help bear fruit year round as you'll be thinking clearly and rationally on how to change your life.

You'll be in a position to make intelligent decisions and commitments, avoiding the perils of the highly competitive group fitness classes, big box 24-7 fitness franchises, the latest intensive DVD dominating the late night infomercials, "body shred" downloads from the hottest online trending fitness models, or the super engineered for enhanced fat burning at home treadmills. Many of these decisions to join or purchase are made irrationally or on impulse and often result in injury or become at home dust collectors. Anyone with laser sharp focus on their WHYs would recognize this approach is not the solution. By drilling down into your WHY, you'll sniff out the frivolous offerings running rampant in the fitness and food industries and nail down your path to long term transformation.

There is a world of drastically improved strength, power, mobility, flexibility, and conditioning awaiting you. Take a long hard look at ALLTRAIN Online and its strategic, safe, and sustainable BLOCK Training. And coupled with its PLAIN Nutrition program, a direct path to a leaner, healthier, higher performing you.

NOW is the time to reflect and dig deeply and honestly for your WHY....and then take OWNERSHIP of it.


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