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  • Heather Eiler

Limited Edition Signed Copy of A Lifetime of Squeezes & Kisses

Written by Albert Eiler

Illustrated by Violet Scarpone

Book Design by Kate Dunn

You will cherish this 11-inch-by-11-inch, beautifully illustrated, lovingly written children's book about dads and their ever-growing daughters. A wonderful read for you and your little girl, this story will take you both on a sweet stroll through life's loving father-daughter milestones...and will remind you of the important role you play in her life.

From the days when a new baby girl is on the way, to first her puppy, to your walk down the aisle together, the artwork that captures each memorable moment is accompanied by poetry that sweetly expresses every dad's heartfelt emotions.

Whether you're a father, mother, or daughter...and no matter how old you are, A Lifetime of Squeezes & Kisses will surely bring comfort, offer reflection, and connect you to a cherished family memory.

"Lead her so she never dares to settle."


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