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Righting Wrongs of Fitness and Food
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AErights grew (organically) out of my deep desire to create a truth-filled platform for righting "wrongs" when it comes to Food, Fitness, Family, Fallacy, and the Fanaticism of Youth Sports. As the masses strive to "enhance" themselves and to "enrich" their kids, a systemic struggle simultaneously exists; a majority are overweight, over-worked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed. My hope is that by exposing truths, in sometimes brutally honest fashion, I will help shift a culture. Sugarcoating the truths about what we've become and how we've gotten ourselves here has gotten us, well, nowhere.​                                                                                                

~Albert Eiler 

 PS. I also write feel-good Children’s Stories as I simply love being a dad.


Albert Eiler,

AErights Founder


Albert Eiler is a tough-love truth-teller who guides those seeking a leaner, healthier, higher performing, and happier life by tapping into his experience as an entrepreneur, fitness and performance trainer, nutrition realist, author, gentleman farmer, youth sports coach, husband, and father to two lovely and lively daughters. 


A unique blend, Albert is part Pittsburgh’s North Side city boy and part North Carolina’s Red Clay country boy.  Born and raised in the hustle and bustle of the city, he would spend portions of his summers with his relatives on their farms down south. As the summers passed, he found himself deeply connected with the simplicity of self-sustainability and minimal material acquisitions which would follow him back to the city, into his being, and ultimately into the fabric of his coaching career.  


In 1997, at age 27, after 6 years of extensive freelance coaching, Eiler opened his own performance, fitness, and nutrition training center, evolving into a 9000-square-foot facility where he and his group of coaches trained recreational, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes, working professionals, and cool stay-at-home moms and dads. Eight years later he established ChangeRx, a nationally reaching corporate wellness company deeply rooted in education. In 2017, he founded ALLTRAIN and PLAIN—brands that build further upon his core principles. And in 2019 he launched 


Albert Eiler
Albert Eiler

Early on in his career, he chose to stray from the norm of so many health clubs, high-intensity class-based gyms, corporate wellness firms, coaches, and self-proclaimed fitness gurus who offered quick or dicey fixes to the vulnerable masses. His commitment to coaching and educating his clients in strategic, safe, and sustainable training and nutrition tactics continues to this day.


Eiler practices what he preaches. As he navigates his mid-life years, he implements his training plans to stay strong and supple while avoiding injury, produces much of his own food through fishing, farming, and foraging (well, except for pizza-and- ice-cream Sundays with his family), and has kept his business aspirations in check to spend more time with his three “gals.”

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After years of coaching alongside his coaching team and impacting the lives of his select group of private clients, AE realized he could only touch so many within that model. As a result, ALLTRAIN Online was created to deliver the life-transforming programs (that up until now, only a few thousand clients had experienced) to a more diverse audience.

ALLTRAIN™ is a physical training and nutrition system, and in fact, a Lifestyle, that leads to a Leaner, Healthier, Higher Performing...and YES, Happier Being. Through years of experience, rational reasoning, and exposing untruths, ALLTRAIN is redefining the fitness and food industry standards. With a nutrition philosophy grounded in simplicity, cost efficiency, and Mother Nature, and a training program deeply entrenched in science and sensibility, ALLTRAIN is designed to maximize your Physical Performance, your Health, and your Body Composition...and in turn, your Happiness.

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Tough Love Letters

Eiler pulls from his vast experience in the industries of fitness, physical performance, nutrition, and corporate wellness, along with his intimate interaction with clients, and countless prospects, to deliver life-changing calls to action to the masses in need. 

A Lifetime of squeezes and kisses by Albert Eiler
A Lifetime of
Squeezes & Kisses

A lovingly written children's book about Fathers and their relationship with their ever-growing daughters.

A Mouthful of Truth by Albert Eiler
A Mouthful of Truth

Part how-to and part choose-to, the book is an eater's manifesto built around 15 simple and sometimes surprising truths. and spells out how to eat oneself to a lean, healthy body.



AE's "Rightings"

When I'm lucky enough to escape the trappings of the day; when I can turn off the technology-driven communication; when the door to my office stops knocking, and when truth-telling inspiration takes over...
...I write.

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